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Long time

I haven't written here in awhile, but the past month has been so awful, I must get it off my chest. I had an attack of gout, it lasted almost a month and a half, and in the last week, before i went to the hospital, I couldn't walk. The EMT guys had to carry me out of my apt. to the ambulance. What fun. For those who aren't aware, gout is a build up of uric acid in the blood, causing crystals to form, usually in the feet, though it can affect joints too, which it did in my case. My feet were in pain, but my towards the end, I could't bend my right knee.
The pain is excruciating. But, thanks to pain killers and steroids, it's all gone. I took percocets for some of the pain, and I don't understand why people take this for recreatinal use. The only affect on me was it made me drowsy, if that. But I never got high or anything. I just don't know.
Otherwise, life is back to normal. Went to an art opening today of photos by Chris Zedano, who did the Staple Street Project, photos of performers on this one street in Tribeca, and I was the gorilla for that, and I also posed for his Intimate NY project, photos of people naked in their apts. My naked photo, a large panoramic shot of me in my living room, was in this one night only show at the Nat'l. Arts Club in Grammercy Park, housed in a magnificent 19th century brownstone. It was fun.
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Alyssa, originally uploaded by 3dGorillaBob.

This is one of my favortie models. I had been out of touch with her for almost a year, and just recently we reconnected. I'm very happy about this.

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Vampire and Victim

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Happy Halloween! I'm an atheist crank, no angels, demons, or ghost s for me, but a girl with fangs, especially when she's putting the bite on another girl, that's a belief system I can bet hehind.
Vampire: Coco La Pearl
Victim: MIchelle St. Darling